Scorpio Sons



Staring into glowing cat-eyes, while her attackers lay like broken dolls in the snow around her, shouldn't have been a turn-on. But it was. She shouldn't consider the man who killed to save her from her rapists a hero. But she does. She shouldn't feel as if she belongs to that hero, mind body and soul, but there's no way she can deny it. And the hardest part for Alyssa Aimes to get her head around, besides his extraordinary eyes: the knowledge that she'll never see him again.

But four years later, Colton Blake does come back into her life, just as dramatically as he left it. And this time she's determined to keep him there, even if she has to risk her recording contract and her life to do it.

For Colt, much has changed in four years. No longer a homeless drifter with a dangerous secret, he has found his place among the Scorpio Sons, an elite band of genetically engineered cloned warriors charged with bringing to justice a secret cabal that has been exploiting the world for millennia. But one thing that hasn't changed during that time: his obsession with Alyssa, the stranger he met just once and can't seem to forget. But now his mission has brought Alyssa back into his life. And with her comes a secret she doesn't even realize she harbors; a secret that could bring not only Colt to his knees, but the whole band of the Scorpio Sons along with him.


Being a Private Investigator is the perfect job for smart-mouthed, insecure Alice Wunderlund who likes to hide in shadows. But when Allie is assigned to observe and record the daily activities of a British aristocrat, she starts to feel more like her namesake than is healthy. And when a gorgeous, lethal, hunk of an Irishman appears in her room, takes one look at her and bites her neck, she knows ‘Eat Me’ has just been taken to a whole new level.

Connor O’Brien is an ex-cage fighter turned Scorpio Son, one of an elite genetically engineered band of cloned warriors fighting to save the planet from secret invaders. When his brother Cam reports being watched, Connor goes to investigate, only to find more than he bargained for: A mate who turns him from an easy-going player into a moody, one-woman-man in an instant.

But Allie isn’t looking for a mate, certainly not one who turns cat when aroused, so she gives him an ultimatum he can't possibly agree to. And Connor being Connor has to stubbornly call her bluff. With danger and intrigue surrounding them, can two strong-willed people find a way to come together to save the day?

They're genetically-engineered warrior clones, with a large dash of panther DNA thrown into their gene pool. Saving the world has been their only purpose up until their Mates came on the scene. Now their covert war against the Guild has become that much harder because, as essential as the Mates are to their success, their cats have a different idea about the purpose of those beautiful women.


The Scorpio Sons’ only enemy is the Guild. They loath and are physically repulsed by them. So how could the gentle, wheelchair-bound Cooper find Amy Hays, a daughter of the Guild, the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen? How could he go against orders and meet with her in secret? And how could he risk everything the Sons had worked for to be with her?

For Amy, abused from childhood, afraid to make even the most insignificant decisions in case they’re wrong, loving a genetically-engineered warrior clone could prove the worst mistake of her life.

As the deepest secrets that surround the Sons, the Résistance, and the mysterious head of the Guild are revealed, Cooper and Amy must find a way to heal each other and come together to save a world teetering on the edge of destruction.


You can’t escape your destiny, even if you want to. And Chase Scanlan has wanted to all his life. Even so, he follows his destiny and becomes the leader of the Scorpio Sons, making duty and the responsibility for saving the world his only priorities. Until fate steps in again, presenting him this time with a mate he doesn’t want. Not because she isn’t beautiful or smart enough, or doesn’t stir his blood, because she does all that and more. But because she is too young and damaged, and he has no desire to destroy yet another person who loves him.

However, Anna isn’t so easily destroyed. She proved that when she survived the horrendous life of a child sex-slave in Russia. When the leader of the genetically engineered warriors claims her, she again finds herself a prisoner, but this time captivity is far sweeter. As love between the two reluctant mates grows, so does her willingness to be a part of his world. Especially when her past offers the Sons a pathway to her enemy’s greatest secret.


Engaged to a woman he despises, forced to keep a mistress who’s spying on him for the enemy, and preparing to play-act a romance with the Alpha’s granddaughter, Cameron Haversham Smythe is in no position to claim his true mate. But destiny presents her to him anyway, leaving Cam no choice but to keep as much distance between himself and the beautiful fashion writer as possible. If he can just avoid her long enough to do his part in saving the world, he’d then be free to give in to his cat’s intense desires.

Antonia Maggarria has three identities. Her first is as an Italian fashion writer; the second is as an investigative blogger digging for evidence to bring down the Guild; and the third is as the genetically engineered mate for one of the Scorpio Sons. But the last she isn’t aware of until she sets her sights on Cameron, the arrogant English nobleman she believes to be the worst of the worst of the Guild, and finds herself instantly attracted to him. But no matter how tempting she finds him, Toni is determined to bring his crimes to light. That is, if he’ll let her get close enough to do so.


Arianna McDougall is an unemployed High School drop-out, still living at home with her parents on the Scottish Isle of Arran. Conventional, religious, and black, she is horrified by the outrageous bad-boy who arrives at her door looking for the White Mouse. Because Ari isn't what she seems, and marrying Caleb Devereaux and telling him her secrets is the last thing she ever thought she'd do.

Caleb is many things: a redneck punk-rocker, an IT geek, and a genetically-engineered warrior clone fighting to save the world. But there's a lot more to him than that beneath his easy-going Southern Charm. When he finds and claims his mate, Ari turns out to be the last woman he would have wanted, even if she's also just the woman he needs. And while others discover answers to the mystery surrounding their creation, Caleb must find answers from him own past to gain the peace and fulfillment only Ari can give him.


Addy was never interested in her role within the upper-echelons of the Guild. Why would she be, when all they considered her good for was breeding the next generation of her illustrious line? So she'd been rebelling in her own way all her life, and enjoying every minute of it. When she contracts a deadly virus and is stolen from the hospital where she'd been quarantined, Addy starts to wonder what's really happening to her. Because a very hot guy with a sexy goatee and diamond earring has set her blood on fire. And what's heating up is not the pureblood she always thought she had. It's something different. And so is she.

On death row at the age of fifteen, and now one of the Sons who fights to save the planet from the Guild, Conrad Sanchez is hardly the perfect match for a Guild A-Lister like Addison Jarvis. But from the first moment he heard about her - another of the Mates gestated by an unsuspecting Guild female – he knew she was his. But when the harmless virus, which was supposed to remove any traces of the Guild Gene from her DNA, goes terribly wrong, he knows the only way he can save her is to claim her. And by doing that he'll risk creating a Super-powered Mean Girl who might betray them all.


If you're left wondering what happened to the virus Regis planned to release, then here's the answer. A specially written novella only available to readers on my mailing list. I wrote it as a special thank you to my loyal readers, and it's FREE. Just sign up below and I'll send you this great little love story about shy Cowboy Cole, who must find and claim his mate thousands of feet above ground before time runs out for her.   If you still had  questions   afer finishing the series, you'll find some of the answers  here.


Painting prophetic artwork had become an obsession for Ashling Flanagan since the first strange scenes started appearing four years ago. She knew they meant something back then, but it isn't until her old school-friend Addy tells her they're true, and sends one of the gorgeous men from her paintings to get her, that Ash starts to realise just how crucial her artwork really is. Because she's painting her sisters falling foul of the Guild. And she knows that unless she can forewarn them of the danger, disaster won't be far away.

Unlike many of his brothers, Charles Barrineau had a great childhood on a vineyard in the south of France and he and his cat have always had a good working relationship. That is until his suddenly over-sexed feline forces him to go to Vancouver in search of a crazy redhead who has more covert skills up her sleeve than he does. Even though time is short and danger is everywhere, as they flee for their lives back to HQ in San Francisco to warn the Sons of more disasters, he can't seem to keep his mind on the job. Finding his Mate had turned out to be a hell of a lot more trouble, and a lot less fun, than he expected.