Q & A

Q & A

Let's start with some Questions you might like Answers to:

*   Who are you? Find out on the ABOUT page. It's the closest I'll ever come to an autobiography!

*   Where do you get your inspiration from? Read in-depth backgrounds on my novels that don’t appear on sales sites on the ABOUT THE BOOKS  page.The book covers   are linked to Amazon for more details and sales. Just click on the image and it will take you directly there.

* What books have you written and what are they about? You'll find a full list of them  and their descriptions on  the different pages.

* What and/or where is NEW ATLANTIS? Find out on     the New Atlantis  page.

* Have you written anything but fiction? Check out the ARTICLES and Guest Blog post page .

* Do you have trailers? Heaps!  Some are on the pages, others  you can find  HERE     

* How do I find out about special offers and new books? You can join my mailing list.  I promise NOT to misuse your email addy in any way. You can join on the home page JOIN HERE .

* How can I tell you what I think about your books? You can give me feedback on what you’ve read by email. You can do any of that HERE.

* What is the game you mentioned? If you like Oracles Cards and want to see which of my heroes will give you advice for your day then go the the HEROES GAME.  It's not really a game, but it is fun to see  pictures of how I see the heroes in my books



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Total Term Fees - Term 3 (11 weeks)

30 - minute lesson & 400 (per student)