New Atlantis Series


When a handsome younger man, claiming to be three hundred years old, offers Cara a chance at a new life in his future utopian world she considers she has two options: back away cautiously or try to help the obviously deluded stranger.

Because it comes naturally to a teacher of autistic kids to help, Cara decides to take the second option. By doing so she unwittingly opens herself up to a passionate new love in an unimaginable new world, where clones extend lifespans and time travel is used to repopulate a decimated human population.

To Jac, Cara appears to be the ideal target for Retrieval: a worthy, productive human being. But when her free-thinking individualism begins to clash with his peaceful, highly regulated world he has to rethink his priorities. How much is he willing to change to keep this loving, beautiful woman in his life? And, more importantly, is he prepared to break the rules that define their very existence to stay with her


For shy, plain Jane Jeffersen, her dead-end job in a corner shop in Sydney 1968 was as far from her dreams as she could possibly get. Then Julio walked into her life and turned it upside down.

Not only does the handsome Brazilian rescue her from death, but he whisks her off to his future Utopian world where she's given a drop-dead gorgeous body and offered everything she could ever have dreamed of, and more.

But Jane can't help worrying that Julio's feelings for her have little to do with her inner self, and more to do with the sexy new body she now inhabits. And when loving her opens up old wounds Julio desperately wants to keep buried, his demons just might threaten to destroy them both.


Luke Daniels was on a covert mission behind enemy lines when he followed the sound of gunfire and discovered a lovely woman cowering before a German soldier who had just killed her companion. He had a split second to decide – leave her to her fate; or risk death and his mission to save her. It was a choice that would change his life forever.

Faith was an unadventurous Medical PA, not a time-traveller. Yet from the moment she'd uncovered the mysterious disappearance of 150 children from a Nazi Death Train in 1942 she'd known her destiny was to save them. When a handsome, highly-skilled US Commando saves her life, Faith realises she's found what she needs - for her mission and for herself. But from the momen tLuke awakens in her peaceful, Utopian world it becomes apparent he doesn't fit in. And even as passion surges between them, Faith knows  he will take the first opportunity to return to his own time.


Maggie and Travis have never met, but in their dreams they have known each other a lifetime. They are two halves of a shared soul. Her love and acceptance has balanced his lifetime of hatred and rejection. His unseen presence has allowed her to walk her unconventional path alone.

But now Maggie must leave her art and her Utopian world of 2333 to find her other half in Bradford, England in 2012, so they can put right what their bond has jeopardised.

And once reunited, they must find a way to remain together. Because this time their separation can only mean death




Mulgrave never planned to marry, preferring the freedom of spinsterhood and the passions of the mind. But when she meets Rene York, a handsome and mysterious stranger with a fascination for her grandfather's discoveries, she is open to exploring passions of a more sensual kind. Seeking to understand the mystery that surrounds him, Liv follows Rene into an incomprehensible future world where she discovers everything is possible, except avoiding her fate.

For Rene York, a French Canadian ecologist before the Last Great Plague, 800 years was not nearly enough time to research his Ojibwe ancestors and collect data on all the planet had lost. A legend leads him to Regency England, where he meets the blue stocking granddaughter of a famous Naturalist and falls in love for the first time in his very long life. But history records Livianna dying in a riding accident four months after he meets her. And the past cannot be changed. Can it?


Shy and insecure Pia Rogaland wants nothing more than to save the children. For feisty Elish Cork, it’s the promise of adventure that drives her to commit. And Karl Ontario? He’s a lab geek who never dreamed of stepping outside his medical facility, until the mission to save doomed children on the ill-fated Titanic is proposed and Fate compels him to step up.

While each joins the team for a different reason, they all face the same challenges: How do they identify suitable targets for retrieval to their endangered Utopian world? Once identified, how do they avoid being labelled insane when they attempt to convince those targets that the "unsinkable" Titanic is about to sink and their only hope of survival is to time travel to the future? And if that isn’t enough, how do they each then deal with finding and possibly losing the love of a lifetime in a few, fateful days? For sweet Pia, who falls in love with a man she’s not allowed to save, this last challenge might prove her undoing.


For a New Atlantean, finding the one person who is their 'Key' or 'soulmate' means coming fully back to life after hundreds of years of peaceful numbness. But the love that can regenerate them can also destroy them.

When Retriever, Kat Kent, thinks she's found her Key in anti-Nazi activist, Kurt Luff, in 1942 Germany she soon realises that having a Key can be a dangerous situation. If she can't save his life she will lose her own. And coming back to life means confronting her own demons, especially when she realises her heart belongs to someone else.

For young Bart Lublin, falling in love with a woman he can’t have becomes even more torturous when he discovers that the only way he can keep Kat alive is if he can stop Luff sacrificing his own life.


Dirk Roeder was a police officer. His duty was to uphold the laws of his country, even if they were implemented by the despicable Nazis. But when he's coerced into joining the Gestapo to protect his sister and nephew, his conscience screams out at the cruelties he must turn a blind-eye to. While gathering evidence on a suspect, he meets a fascinating young woman, and finds himself caught in a dilemma. Does he do his job and arrest her, or does he follow his heart and his conscience?

Krista  is unprepared to deal with the explosion of emotions finding her Key elicits. Especially when that Key is a Gestapo agent from Germany of 1936. How could her soulmate be one of the most reviled villains of all time?

No matter how conflicted Krista is, she must Retrieve Dirk to save her own life. Even if her peaceful twenty-fourth century home is no place for a Nazi; and even though there are those in her world who would do anything to remove the perceived evil from their midst.


When Hakon Fjordane’s Key, Bree Sanderson, was killed in Chicago 1986, so was he. How then was it possible for him to send a message for help to his people in the future?

In New Atlantis 2350, twenty years after Kon died, a message from him is uncovered. He's rescued and returned home with his Key, but finds a lot has changed while he’s been away, not least the fact that another man now wears his body. As Kon tries to come to terms with his radically different world, he must also come to accept that Bree is the one person who can bring him fully to life after hundreds of years of numb existence.

But back in her own time, someone wants Bree dead, and it’s up to Kon to find out who and why. He must untangle the complex weave of time to save her, because the woman he has come to love can’t remain in his future Utopian world if history records her as having died in 1986


When Raphael Umbria Jumps to Ancient Alexandria in search of the Divided Knowledge of Atlantis, he doesn’t appreciate being distracted by a youth who runs a street gang and uses martial arts that are out of place in the Ancient Roman Empire. But Jin is an anomaly he can’t figure out, and though he has never been interested in his own sex before, he starts to wonder if his intense obsession with the boy might indicate that Jin is his Key, the one person who can bring him fully back to life after hundreds of years of numbness and sterility.

Jin is on a quest of her own. Masquerading as a boy, she searches for a Watcher, one of those who, throughout history, have studied mankind from a distance and know all the secrets of time itself. She made a deathbed promise to her Master to find this man, discover when the demons would end the world, and get that information back to his Taoist temple in the Far East. Could Rafe be the Watcher she’s looking for?


While researching the distant past, Willow had grown old more times than she wanted to remember. During all that time she'd never known love. Until now. Until Jarvidh Balareon, a man from the fabled world of Atlantis appeared in New Atlantis. Now she must explore her own awakening feelings while seducing him from his dangerous path; one that could negatively alter her world, or destroy it completely. But how can she stop his insane quest when Jarvidh refuses to allow any woman to get close to him, not even his soul-mate?

Sacrificing one life to save millions was the Atlantean time travellers' creed, just as insanity and death were their eventual rewards. But one life didn't change the fate of Atlantis for Jarvidh, nor did the next, or the one after that. He needed to see a different outcome inked into the timeline on his face. He needed to have the deaths on his conscience mean something.

When he's betrayed by a loved one and sent sixteen thousand years into the future, he knows he has to find his way back. Because if he can't, all those innocent lives he took would be meaningless and Atlantis would fall. Nothing could be allowed to stand in his way, not even the lovely woman from the far distant future who seemed to be part of his damaged and irredeemable soul.


Having visions of people in trouble is a fact of life for Ellen Victoria, a shy biologist living in a biosphere in twenty-fourth century Central Australia. But when a gladiator appears amongst her tomato plants, calling for her to come to him, she knows this is something unprecedented. And even if she’s more Bambi than Lara Croft, she also knows she has no choice but to time-travel back to the Ancient Roman Empire and find him. Because the fate of the world rests in her soft, plump hands and if she’s to avert the apocalypse that never happened, but still might if a rogue time traveller has his way, she has to face her own fears and step up.

But she doesn’t have to do it alone. Her gladiator will be at her side; even if he’s there as her kidnapper, not her champion. If she fails to win him over, all will be lost, history will be irrevocably changed, and her future utopian world will cease to exist.


Ta-khara, princess, priestess and healer, dreamed of the god Osiris. Such a dream makes her an unwitting threat to the power of her father, the Pharaoh. When a man looking just like her Dream Osiris appears out of nowhere to save her life, she believes the god has incarnated to claim her as his wife.

Daniel Stillwater is an anomaly in New Atlantis. He has a disease that’s killing him. And he's running out of time. His only hope of a cure is to be found in an, as yet, undiscovered cache of the Divided Knowledge of Atlantis. So, despite being a reclusive, theoretical mathematician with poor people skills, he joins the time-travel mission to Ancient Egypt.

But when he’s separated him from his team and tossed back in time to save the life of an Egyptian princess, it becomes apparent that something more than simply an unprecedented glitch in the portal is at work.Ta-khara is his Key, and their only chance of survival lies in his  world. The trouble is Dan has no way to get her there,


New Atlanteans mark the end of the old world and the beginning of the new with the most catastrophic event known to man: The Last Great Plague of 2120. How this dire event came about remained a mystery until a centuries-old book was unearthed. It contained the names of every long-term survivor of the pandemic and three others: the Son of the Lamb and Satan's Hunters. All evidence leads to one shocking fact - the names were recorded long before those individuals were even born.

In early 2119 a world-wide fanatical religious organisation called Amnos declares its intention to bring about the End of Days over the coming year. Shay Adams, an insecure part-time PSI consultant for the FBI, is brought on board to help thwart their plans. She is assigned a humanoid robot called Cybr 013 as her partner. The only problem is; Shay is not only psychic but her energy field glitches electrical devices.

As Shay and Cy, Satan's Hunters, race against time to stop the catastrophes unleashed by Amnos' Son of the Lamb, it becomes more and more apparent Cy is behaving abnormally. Are his all-too-human responses to Shay the result of a glitch, which will ultimately sabotage their attempts to save the world, or is something more at work?


In 89 CE a Celtic Seer predicts a terrible storm off the coast of Roman Britannia, which will cost the lives of two incredible people unless a gladiator and his companions can save them.

Lost in Time, two time-travellers from the far distant future find more than they've bargained for when they are rescued from the sea and given shelter at the River Bend Estates just outside Londinium.

For fans of Nhys' series, this standalone novel is a rare treat - a crossover between two of her best-loved worlds. In it, New Atlantean Jumpers find their Keys in the Ancient Roman world of her Historical Romances. Meet old friends and find new ones as you join this fast-paced romantic adventure that crosses time and space to save a kidnapped slave girl from the hands of her monstrous master.