New Atlantis

A Future Utopian World   

as described in the New Atlantis Time Travel Series    

New Atlantis


In the final four books of the series a different adventure takes place. This time the New Atlantean Retrievers aren't looking for Targets in the past to inhabit their world. Instead, Researchers are in search of more of the Divided Knowledge of the Atlanteans.

Early on in the series we find out that New Atlantis was built on what was left of Atlantis. This is not an accurate description of the island. In fact, it was the home of descendants of Atlantis, people who called themselves Etrans. When Rafe, a Researcher, arrives for the first time in Etra he is freaked out to find that they not only speak English but are expecting him. They also give him an account of how Atlantis was destroyed and what happened to their wealth of knowledge. It was divided into five parts and sent out on ships to safer areas of the world. The ships became separated during the Deluge and the knowledge divided and seemingly lost for thousands of years. The Etrans give Rafe the first of the five collections of crystal rods on which the Divided Knowledge was stored.

In The Watcher, Rafe travels back to Ancient Roman Alexandria in search of a healer called Galen who he believes knows of the Divided Knowledge. In Alexandria he meets Jin, a young escaped slave girl masquerading as a boy, and discovers he/she is his Key.

In Vision of You, a woman from the Gaian Confederacy has a vision of a gladiator calling to her across time. Though she isn't a Jumper, she joins the mission to Ancient Pergamum determined to save the world, past and present, from the Apocalypse that had been predicted for that time, and which could still happen.

In Osiris, the Researchers head back even further in time to the Old Kingdom of Egypt. A mathematician with a strange deadly illness joins the quest, in hopes of finding a cure in the next cache of Divided Knowledge. Instead he finds a n Egyptian Princess marked for death.

In Causality, the world of Atlantis is seen for the first time, and we discover how the Atlanteans, who knew the secrets of time-travel, used it to try to avert their fate. But the more they played with the timeline the more chaos ensues. Jarvidh, an Atlantean warrior tasked with changing their future, is tossed out of his own time-line and into the far distant future. He helps the Researchers track down the last of the Divided Knowledge with the hope of returning home and continuing his duty to his world. But finding himself the Key of Willow, a Researcher determined to stop him returning, forces him to rethink his priorities.

As with all the books in this series, these are all stand-alone novels that form a part of the bigger story and can be bought separately.


I had every intention of finishing the series at Book 13. But the urge to explore the world of Pre-LGP became an imperative in 2016 and so Book of Seeds was born. In it I had the challenge of making an exciting story when the readers already knew the eventual outcome. The hero and heroine would fail. If playing with time had taught my characters anythign it was that the time-line could not be changed. Ialso explored another favourite idea I've had since I was a teen. What would it be like if an AI gained sentience? I wanted to explore what it was to be human.

And as I had begun to miss botht he characters from New Atlantis and my Roman Worlds I decided to combine the two in Gods of Time. It was a fascinating experience blending two very different genres, althoughi n some ways my Time Travel novels always have a strong historical element.

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2120 The Last Great Plague killed 999 of every 1,000 people. Those who survived were sterile, sickly and without hope. But they gathered together and, using experimental medical technologies available, grew cloned bodies for themselves. With an infinite lifespan now possible, the survivors began to build a utopian society called the Gaian Confederacy. Its capital was New Atlantis, which was founded on the archeological remains of Ancient Atlantis.

In the second half of the 23rd Century mankind discovered the secret to time travel, and for the first time humanity had a real future once more. Teams of Researchers and Retrievers, commonly called Jumpers, travelled back into the past to learn all they could about the past and Retrieve specifically targetted individuals for a new life in their future world.

Because no one was sure what changes might be wrought on History from Time Travel, their policy was to limit interference with the Timeline. Only those individuals who disappeared in their own time could be Retrieved.

Retrieval had been steadily increasing the population once more. But then they discovered that their time was no infinite. A Consciousness couldn't be integrated into more than nine bodies. Each person had only nine lives. In the first book in the series,  Jac Ulster has just reached his ninth and last life when he sets out to Retrieve Cara from Westchester NewYork in 2011. The emotionally numbed survivor falls in love and is brought painfully back to life by the experience. For the first time in hundreds of years he wants to live.

This 13 part series recounts the slow return to life of humanity as told from the perspective of couples who find love across time and space. Each book tells the story of one  couple, except for the 6th in the series, The Titan Drowns, which recounts the story of three couples. It is  a stand-alone romantic adventure describing the rescue of doomed passengers on the Titanic. 

On this page you will find pictures of some of the characters in the series and scenes in and around New Atlantis. If you want your own Collector's Ecard set (currently FREE) of the characters, click on the image for these at the bottom of this page and email me your request.

I hope you find New Atlantis as wonderful as I do.

The Island Of Atlantis rose from the Atlantic Ocean several hundred miles west of Gibralta during one of the seismic disturbances that troubled the Second Dark Age (the latter part of the 21st Century and beginning of the 22nd Century, up until the last Great Plague.)

CITY DESIGN:  Built on the site of the  original Atlantis, New Atlantis has been rebuilt to reflect the harmony and beauty of the classical  period. The city is built within a series of consentric circles seperated by seawater canals. Each ring is called a precinct and has a distinct purpose. In the centre is the government and research facilities. Next comes the social  sector. Then comes the dormitory precinct where single occupancy units provide the bulk of the residential housing for citizens. Lastly there are the rural domiciles further out of the city. Some of these are built with ocean views.

The  precincts are linked by moving  pathways  that range out from the centre like spokes of a wheel. There is no other form of transport except these  and the static pathways  in each precinct. Hand-operated hovercarts  transport goods around the city.  Goods are transported around the Confederacy by Teleportation, the precursor of Time Travel technology.


Architecture is  all classical and designed to blend in aesthetically with its pristine, natural surroundings.


 Many of these were overturned during  the course of the series

*  All survivors (called Old Timers) are sterile, as clones are unable to reproduce. Clones have a lifespan of 100 years and are grown to maturity before Consciousness animates them.

*  Retrieved  adults (called Newcomers) from other times are made sterile by  Time Travel.

*  A Consciousness will not integerate with  its ninth clone. Thus human lifespan is limited to nine lives.

*  A Consciousness cannot  Integrate into a body not created from its own DNA.

*  There are no children in the Confederacy as children are not Retrieved.

*  No currency is used in the Confederacy. All property is communal, as are all resources.

* There is no crime in the  Confederacy and few deaths occur except by misadventure.

*  There is no marriage, but couples can become Bonded Mates, although this is not common, as interest in sexual activity is limited. This is attributed to the clone's lack of procreative ability.


*  The  decimated  ecology of the planet must be left to heal itself.

*  Warriors or other disruptive influences are  never Targetted for Retrieval and none survive in their world. Those who  cannot  Integrate successful into a clone are said to Crash and Burn. ( C & Bs occur in a small percentage of Retrieved persons.)

*   Maintaining stability and the staus quo is everything.

If you love Outlander by Diana Gabaldon  then you'll enjoy  the New Atlantis series!

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