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Paranomormal World of Ghosts



Those who see the ghostly figure of the WWII fighter pilot in the English farmhouse garden at Grange End are destined to die within a week of that sighting. But when Cassie Grant not only sees the Polish flying ace in the garden, but talks to him in her bedroom, it's clear that something more than a prediction of death is at work here.


Hawk has been waiting for something at Grange End for nearly 70 years, and from the first moment he sees the fragile beauty at the upper window he realises what it is - Cassie!


But is he there to accompany her to the other side when her time is up or is his increasingly corporeal presence meant for something else? When the enemy of the past becomes the enemy of the present, Hawk is determined to save Cassie from her untimely death, even if he has to cross the boundaries between Life and Afterlife to do it.



Don't believe what they tell you in movies and on TV; ghosts don't haunt people. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there's no such thing as ghosts, I'm just saying they don't haunt living people – because basically they don't know we're here.


How do I know that? Because I can see them. I have since I was a little kid. But I didn't have a grandmother who taught me how to help people move on, or Bruce Willis as my ghost shrink. Nope, I just got to stand around like a zombie staring at people nobody else could see, wondering if it was me or the rest of the world who was crazy.


So I'll need to explain this properly to you, so you get it. Because if you can't get it, then you won't understand about Jake. And Jake is the reason I'm writing all this down. To make sense of it, for you – whoever you are who's reading this – and for me, so I don't slip off the edge of reality and become 'dissociative', aka crazy. Jake is the key. He's the anomaly. And he is the most gorgeous guy I've ever known, dead or alive.





Fate seems to have it in for me, big time. So it's really lucky I never expected life to suddenly be all happy-ever-after once I'd traded in the Grey version of Jake for 'a real boy'. Not only do I now have to deal with a very seductive flesh-and-blood guy, who wants to take our relationship to the next level, but I've been sucked into helping Mallory, the entitled Mean Grey in a coma, get her life back.


Why? Because this is Jake's new career path and we seemed to be the only ones who can solve the mystery of Mallory's ten year disappearance, get her back into her body, and bring her attacker to justice. Piece of cake, right? If you think so then you've been spending way too much time with Jake.